Cancer Patients Are More Likely To Use Marijuana or Opioid

Cancer is a very dangerous disease that affects a large part of the human species. Given how dangerous this disease is, researchers are always looking for new ways to treat it which are less harmful than currently existing methods. A few types of cancer are curable while others are only controllable. However, for the most part, many different types of cancer are not treatable and are harmful.

A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of California were able to find a connection between the use of marijuana and opioid as a treatment for cancer. The study focuses on the reasons behind cancer patients using marijuana in the United States and whether it is an effective method or not.

The study was led by two doctors from the University of California, San Diego called Jona Hattangadi-Gluth and Kathryn Ries Tringale respectively. They published their study and the results in the journal called CANCER which is from the American Cancer Society.

The results show that cancer patients are more likely to use opioid compared to adults who are not affected by the disease. The hypothesis focuses on the fact that cancer causes a lot of pain. The use of marijuana and opioid is focused to relieve pain caused by cancer.

Dr. Tringale commented on her results saying, “Prospective clinical trials are needed to quantify the efficacy of marijuana in cancer-specific pain as well as the risk of opioid misuse in this patient population.”