By using Car T-cell Therapy, Smillow Cancer Hospital is providing one of the most promising Cancers treatment

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is one of the brightest cancer treatment which is accessible at Smillow Cancer Hospital (SCH). With the partnership of Yale Cancer Center, this treatment is only available at SCH in Connecticut. Co-director of this therapy program, Stuart Seropian said: “CAR T is an exciting new form of immunotherapy for certain blood cancers that is proving effective in patients with certain recurrent or resistant blood cancers.”

Doctor Isufi, the co-worker of Seropian commented on this therapy by saying: “This treatment has the potential to destroy cancer cells that have evolved mechanisms to escape the normal immune system defenses. Response rates surpass those of any currently available therapies in these disease categories. Furthermore, for some patients who achieve complete disease remission, stem cell transplantation may no longer be necessary, sparing them long-term side effects.”

At present, this therapy has gotten approved only by the Federal Drug Administration for victims of the most common cancer; acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or for adult patients with B-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. However, pilot testing is still conducted by the physicians at Yale Cancer Center to check to investigate the effect of new CAR T-cell therapies on various other cancer such as multiple myeloma or mantle cell lymphoma. Both the doctors behind this research who are also treating blood-related cancers, Seropian & Isufi are anticipating that this new CAR T-cell therapy would be accepted for a broadened range of leukemias & Lymphomas and also increase to cover all age groups.

Smillow Cancer Hospital is one of the recognized Hospital, nationally and has an association with the Yale Cancer Center, which is amongst the top forty-nine National Cancer Institute. To get to know more about this research and this institute, patients can visit their site