Bon Secours Mercy Health Eyes on the Merger Deal with the International Hospital

The Ohio-based Catholic health system announced a possible hospital merger deal with Ireland’s largest private health system

Ohio-based Bon Secours Mercy Health is looking to expand its footprint across the world by engaging in a hospital merger with Ireland’s largest private health system.

On April 30, the Catholic health system announced that it intends to merge with Bon Secours Health System, a five-hospital Catholic health system with approximately 450 providers in Cork, Galway, Limerick, Tralee, and Dublin.

“As consumers across the globe experience a dynamic and ever-changing healthcare marketplace, Bon Secours Mercy Health is committed to expanding its footprint to bring good help to more patients and communities,” John M. Starcher, Jr, president and CEO of Bon Secours Mercy Health, stated in the announcement.

Relatively new, Bon Secours Mercy Health is already one of the largest health systems in the US with 1,000 care sites across seven states, including Ohio, Kentucky, New York, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, and Maryland.

The health system launched in September 2018 after Ohio-based Mercy Health finalized a hospital merger deal with Bon Secours Health System in Maryland.

Bon Secours Mercy Health leaders engaged in what they called a “combination of equals” to improve the health of entire communities and provide affordable, high-quality care.

The new health system is now aiming to strength its mission by creating an international organization.

“I am excited that this merger will provide both of our ministries with a platform to Europe and the United States that will amplify our ability to extend our healing ministry and reinvest in the communities we serve,” Starcher explained in the announcement. “By sharing best practices and expertise, we will work together to navigate the many complexities of healthcare both locally and internationally, and better understand different care delivery models. This will position us well to deliver exceptional care to our patients both today and in the future.”

Bon Secours Mercy Health and Bon Secours Health System are currently working on finalizing a definitive hospital merger agreement. The health systems did not set a specific date to complete the merger, but leaders anticipate completing the deal by the end of the summer pending further diligence and regulatory approvals.