Bilateral collaborations in Digital Health by NATHEALTH AND NETHERLANDS

To create a platform that brings along the Dutch and Indian experience in digital technologies, apex tending business body-NATHEALTH and therefore the Netherlands Embassy recently organized a Digital Health Conference in Indian capital. The conference aimed toward driving digital innovation in tending.

The Dutch tending consultants are in India on a Digital Health Mission to explore bilateral collaborations within the sector. The Conference brought the Dutch Delegation involved with relevant stakeholders from the scheme to assist forge partnerships within the eHealth domain.

While hospitable the consultants, NATHEALTH administrator Gautama Bhattacharya same, “Our main agenda was to grasp however each countries will add partnership to handle common challenges Janus-faced by the sector and co produce solutions. Digital health awaits a large chance because the country aspires to become a middle financial gain nation by 2030 given its technological penetration, advancing economy and fast tending business.”

“To accomplish the goal of Universal Health Care with time of care across primary, secondary and tertiary facilities, digital interventions would play the role of a robust catalyst. Digital health interventions, with immense opportunities for investment and penetration, would build Republic of India a world leader,” he added.

Highlighting Dutch experience and a requirement for collaboration within the digital tending house, Daffo Roozendaal, Director of data Policy and Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Netherlands same, “Life Science and health is priority sector for strategic investment in each the Netherlands and Republic of India. Growing market opportunities in Republic of India, combined with the Netherlands’ strengths in areas like Digital Health, Medical devices and medical specialty produce wonderful opportunities for partnerships that address shared social challenges with good solutions.,”