Belarus to send free medicines to Venezuela

Belarus can provide medical supplies worth $220,000 to Venezuela.

On the list, there are 35 merchandise, as well as pressure level medications, eye drops, antimicrobial agents, antifungal medicine

The government has tasked the Belarusian aid Ministry and drug company Belpharmprom with getting ready for the batch.

Venezuela is experiencing a prolonged slump ensuing from the policies of Nicolas Maduro. There’s hyperinflation, people lack food, and medication, many thousands of Venezuelans have left the country. At the end of 2018, a presidential election was controlled in Venezuela, wherever Maduro won once more. However, the opposition and most of the countries of the geographical region failed to acknowledge Maduro’s ending, since they failed to think about the elections free and honest.

In late January, mass protestants against president Nicolas Maduro erupted in Venezuela. Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition National Assembly, declared himself acting president throughout Associate in Nursing opposition rally in the national capital. The U.S., Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, South American nation and also the residence formally acknowledged Guaido as a legitimate interim head of South American nation whereas Russia, North American country and Bolivia didn’t acknowledge his legitimacy.

On January 25th, press agency Reuters according to with regard to sources aware of things that members of the questionable Wagner non-public military company headed for South American nation to protect Nicolas Maduro. The grouping of Russian mercenary’s semiconductor diode by Commander Dmitry Utkin is purportedly supported by Evgeny Prigozhin whose nickname is ‘Putin’s Chef’. Wagner is purportedly fighting for separatists in the geographic region and for al-Assad in Syria. In turn, the Kremlin denied the reports regarding Russia’s military being concerned with the developments in the South American nation.

In late March, Venezuelan officers confirmed the very fact of the Russian military’s arrival within the country as a part of ‘military cooperation between the 2 allies.