Autism and Behavioral Disorder Are Connected

People who suffer from autism have a lot of difficulties in their life. It gets hard for them to live a normal life due to their weak social skills. Another important symptom faced with autism is the behavioral disorders, including over reaction, anxiety and not being able to emotionally adapt.

However, a recent study connected with children with autism was focusing on understanding what happens in the brains of people with autism. The study was important due to the fact that almost a quarter of all children worldwide suffer from autism. Autism is directly connected with behavioral disorders which was shocking for researchers. Understanding how the brain acts in autism will help understand the reason behind the behavioral disorders noticed.

The study was published in the journal of Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. The study conducted by a team of researchers from Yale were able to find a certain process that takes place in the brain which regulars emotions. Children with behavioral disorders usually face a problem in this mechanism, making it hard for them to cope with their behaviors and emotions.

The study was led by an associate professor in the Yale Child Study Center¬† called Denis Sukhodolsky. He commented on his results saying, “Disruptive behaviors such as aggression, irritability, and noncompliance are common in children with autism, and are among the main reasons for psychiatric treatment and even hospitalization. Yet, little is known about the biological underpinnings of behavioral problems in children with autism.”