Association of poor oral health with the risk of developing liver cancer, study reveals

It was found that those people who reported to have poor oral health like bleeding of gums, sore gums, or loose teeth, had a 75 percent higher risk of getting liver cancer, according to a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom.

Studies which were published previously, have already mentioned that poor health of teeth and gums is a major threat to a number of long-term conditions inclusive of heart diseases, cancers, stroke, and diabetes.

It was stated by Haydee W. T who is the lead author of the study that the evidence is inconsistent regarding the link between unhealthy gum and certain types of gastric cancers, which is the basic aim of our research to examine.

Cancers of the gastrointestinal or digestive system is a major health issue across the world. A global study was cited by the authors where it was estimated that around 28 percent of the recent cases of cancer and 37 percent of death caused by cancer were linked with gastrointestinal cancer in 2018.

The possible reasons behind the rising cases of digestive cancers are the rise in specific environmental, as well as, behavioral risk factors and the aging population.

In a few previously conducted studies, there has been an establishment of the connection of poor oral health with the digestive cancers. But, the degree to which nutrition, smoking cigarette, and the intake of alcohol might impact the relationship still remains vague.

The examples of cancers of the digestive system are inclusive of cancers of the small intestine, liver, esophagus, stomach, anus, colon, pancreas, and rectum, etc.

To carry on with their investigation, the researchers incorporated the digestive organ cancers which were listed in the World Health Organization’s 10th revision list of the Version ‘International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10)’