Association between various health diseases and sedentary behavior found

According to recent research in the United Kingdom, sitting all day in the office can result in even your death, hence, doing a mid-afternoon walk through the park might be the reason for your survival.
An association has been found by the researchers at the Ulster University & Queen’s University in Belfast between sitting/relaxing for a longer time and 70k deaths annually in the United Kingdom. All of that relaxation might result in you wasting a great deal of money due to an approximate cost of 700M pounds annually being spent by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom on the treatment of health complications linked with being inactive for too long.
The fact that the majority of the people spend a large time of their day while sitting is not essentially surprising: it was reported by the population of the United Kingdom that large portion of their day was devoted to sedentary office jobs every day and many typical relaxing activities after spending a long day at work which is primarily involved with a couch.
While many of us enjoy a nice movie marathon or binge-watching Netflix, this is not the first proof that these kind of habits likely are giving any favors to our body. According to previous research, sitting or lounging for a longer period of time every day boosts the risk of developing cancer, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and in severe cases even death. However, no anticipations on the financial cost of inactive behavior like that of sitting have been made until this research.
By comparing the data from the previous studies, researchers showed the deadly impacts of the everyday sedentary behavior of adults and how it can lead to the development of diseases. Hence, taking breaks for short walks and avoiding as much as possible sitting behavior is suggested.