Association between Dermatology and STDs

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘dermatology?’ Wouldn’t sexually transmit disease be the last thing you would think of, considering a culture where the premium is put on good looks?

But Doctor Gilbert Yang will blow your mind away. He is a dermatologist and studied venereology at the prestigious University of Liverpool, England. He is also a member of Philippine Dermatological Society & the Philippine Society of Venereology.

Yang told the ABS-CBN News that one thing which everyone needs to know is that sexually transmitted diseases are a sub-specialty of dermatology. 70% of sexually transmitted infections come out on the skin & they can be recognized by dermatologists even before the HIV becomes AIDS or becomes advanced through some skin findings, on the body, on the face.

Yang who is renowned STD expert will be joining hundreds of experts & advocates putting light on the evolving landscape of STI & HIV elimination at the HIV & STI World Congress in Canada, from 14th July till 18th. Yang is the only doctor from the Philippines who got invited to co-chair a presentation on the practices of implementing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis on bisexuals, gays, and other men having sex with men in countries like Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, and the UK, as one of the medical breakthroughs to be tackled in the congress.

Now the Philippines has the fastest ever growing Human Immunodeficiency Virus epidemic in the whole of Asia & the Pacific where there are an anticipated 40 cases reported per day. Introduced in the Philippines recently, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV-negative individuals take anti-HIV medications to reduce their risk of becoming infected.

Yang stated that there is a lot of advocacy NGOs for the treatment and support of HIV. However, what about those who are non-HIV positive? Their loved ones or their sex partners who still have sexual contact with them, with the positives, but they would like to be negative?