As Trump Promotes Importation, Experts Examine Sustainable Answers to Drug Pricing Problem

On November 22, President Donald Trump said that he and Alex Azar, Health & Human Services Department Secretary, will probably release a scheme that will allow Florida as well as other states to import inexpensive drugs.

Thus, Trump blamed “FEWER remedies” on the Democrats! Treatments FEWER! “Experts and activists who supported the import measures told The Epoch Times that imports are a problem symptom and not just a sustainable solution.

Colorado is expected to request a federal approval application to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada by September 1, 2020 (pdf).

The legislation, Import Prescription Drugs from Canada, established the Canadian Prescription Drug Import Program at the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (DHCPF) in Colorado which “would increase government spending in FY 2019-20 as well as FY 2020-21 to develop the program and request a federal waiver application.”

A Republican, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, signed CS / HB 19: Prescription Drug Import Systems on June 12, making Florida the second state to do so.

Last year, after Vermont Gov. Philip Scott, a Republican, signed the enactment of S.175, Vermont became the first state in the country to allow the import of generic drugs from Canada.

Mitchell said the importation of prescription drugs is a “symptom” of the problem, as well as President Donald Trump has made further efforts to find viable solutions.

Trump remarked on Oct. 25 last year that he made it a priority to reduce drug prices. Two laws — Knowing the Lowest Price Act and the Patient Right to Know Act — are the big actions of Trump.

Mitchell said he fully supports Trump’s attempts to lower the price of prescription drugs, but he also states that “if they are passed into law, any reforms to accomplish this will take some time to implement.”