Artificial Intelligence (AI) Backed Up With Cutting Edge Chemistry

Innoplexus announces a partnership with ChemAxon, getting the most value out from life sciences data. Through the joint venture, Innoplexus will let big pharma and biotech companies find and connect information about pharmaceutical compounds from publicly available, or archived enterprise datasets to generate novel ideas.

ChemAxon provides the best solutions in cheminformatics for the chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and agrochemical industries. Innoplexus, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain for the life sciences industry, will give importance to one of ChemAxon’s products, ChemLocator, to search all potential, pre-clinical, clinical or marketed drugs in all documents across data assets in Innoplexus product, OntosightⓇ, to detect industry-relevant signals much earlier than traditional methods.

ChemLocator is a web-based search tool with chemical recognition capabilities that allow users to discover hidden chemical knowledge and extract structures from documents. Combining ChemLocator with Innoplexus computer vision and ontology will accelerate the time to find any chemical or compound using its name or chemical properties or even the structure from unstructured data available.

ChemLocator offers a significant edge to OntosightⓇ users by allowing them to discover otherwise-unavailable information in public domains or “forgotten” information in enterprise archives such as competing or novel compounds in the area of interest.

Connecting disparate information pieces across different public and enterprise documents, ChemLocator-backed Ontosight® accelerates the research by highlight non-obvious findings or discover unexplored whitespaces.