Appointment of Professor Nash to the Advisory Board of Sweetech

An announcement was made by an Artificial Intelligence-based firm for the understanding, prevention & management of chronic diseases, Sweetch Health, that leader of healthcare Professor David Bash has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Sweetch.

Professor Nash has 20 years of experience in chairing the Technical Advisory Group of the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council and is widely known as a leader within the field of Population Health specifically in the public reporting of health outcomes. In addition to this, he has completed 10 years on the Board of Directors for Humana Inc. which is one of the largest publicly traded healthcare firms of the nation.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sweetech, Dana Chanan said that the company was very delighted to have Professor Nash with them on board. He said that Professor Nash has plenty of experience i.e. 30 years in the research, academia, and policy leadership and hence his expertise and knowledge will be bringing great value to the firm and will help in continuing the growth of Sweetech and in achieving their mission of empowering people so that they can live a better and healthy life, and combat the greatest epidemics of today’s world in the Autoimmune spaces, Metabolic Syndrome and Oncology.

Regarding his appointment at Sweetech, Professor Nash said that he was pleased to join the advisory board at Sweetech where he can bring his expertise and insight of 3 decades in the Population Health space. He told that around 50 percent of the adults who are residing in developed countries have a chronic disease. The WHO indicates that only half of them follow the treatment recommendations, and only 20 percent follow disease prevention recommendations. Increasing adherence to the prevention management of disease, as well as, recommendations will considerably impact public health.