Appointment of Bob Appleby as the Vice President of ADI North America by Resideo Technologies

Bob Appleby has been appointed by the Resideo Technologies as the General Manager, as well as, the Vice President of ADI North America, effective straightaway.

According to the announcement made by the firm, Appleby, in his new role, will be overseeing all of the business operations of ADI North America across Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. He will be helping ADI in modernizing operations, delivering financial commitments and continuing to strengthen its promise of customer service excellence.

The business of the ADI Global Distribution exports to over a hundred countries from more than two hundred locations of stocking locations around the globe. In Melville, New York, Appleby will be based and he will be reporting directly to the President of ADI Global Distribution, Rob Aarnes.

Before joining Resideo Technologies, Appleby had an experience of serving as the president of H.D. Smith in the pharmaceuticals distribution industry which is currently part of AmerisourceBergen. While serving as the President, he remarkably managed a business with over 5 thousand employees, 6 hundred employees and nearly ten distribution facilities.

The firm announced that within the 1st year of merging with AmerisourceBergen, Appleby, as well as, his team have achieved over 90 percent customer retention and accomplished an over-delivery on their financial targets.

Prior to joining H.D. Smith, Appleby have spent ten years at Cardinal Health in different roles, inclusive of serving as the vice president of business development for the Pharma Supply Chain Services division of the firm. He has a degree of Masters in Business Administration from the renowned Drexel University, and he graduated from Ohio State University as a Bachelorette of Science in Business Administration.

Aarnes stated that Bob is an expert leader in the industry of distribution with an established track record of surpassing financial results while side by side delivering remarkable customer service.