Announcement of winners & expansion overseas by GreenTech

The innovation category was topped by Koppert Biological Systems with their product Natutec Scout, which is a mobile application that allows growers to check on their greenhouse pest & disease management in real-time, letting them respond more rapidly to potential problems. Judges commended on its simplicity, global applicability, and low-cost with high impact.

Product Manager of Natutec, Tom Vroegop stated in a press release that it is truly a breakthrough for both our own consultants & growers since it provides a digital platform for the registration, as well as, analysis of not only pests & diseases but also the biological control & chemical agents present in the greenhouse. The smartest thing about the application is the image recognition which has been built into the application allowing you to gather data on location without having to count the pests physically or make notes on a laptop or on a computer screen in your office.

According to the firm, the application’s image recognition tool employs pictures taken of Horiver sticky traps for the identification and counting of the insects in the crop. Then the IPM data is stored in a central database & offers consultants and growers the ability for analyzing the situation in more depth. The monitoring function of the application generates well-timed warnings for growers & consultants, who get regular updates about the situations where pests may have reached dangerous levels. The dashboard associated with the application can also generate reports.

Ridder Group topped the Sustainability category with their Ridder NoNa+ product. According to the description, it is the industry’s first cost-efficient sodium-removal solution, judges commended on the high efficiency of the product and the reasonable price tag.

The combination of electrodialysis treatment and the selective membrane is believed to minimize the loss of costly fertilizers & remove sodium from drain water without the addition of other minerals.