Cancer has become a disease that has not yet been able to cure properly, and it is almost as devastating that due to our lack of awareness about the disease, we can not handle any cancers. Awareness of cancer is a crucial factor in the fight against cancer as we can fight off some cancers if detected early, but this has not stopped cancer from killing numerous people it is known to kill every year. Cancer has the most deaths than any other disease, not just in the United Kingdom, but throughout the world.

Anal cancer has seen a huge increase in the United States, however, what about the United Kingdom are there other issues in the United Kingdom with this disease? Let’s look at it. The occurrence of anal cancer in the United Kingdom has been pretty silent, which is a good sign that the country is not facing a massive danger. Although some cases have occurred but nothing significant has emerged. Cancer has killed only about 400 people in the UK in its lifetime, which is a great number in comparison to other diseases. However, it is good to know that at least one disease does not kill the people of the United Kingdom.

The signs are relatively apparent-anal discomfort, pressure or lumps, irregular discharge, bleeding or changes in bowel movements as well as scratching-but they are also easily fooled with other, very common conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Receptive anal sex is a primary risk for anal cancer growth, and both action and cancer are still overshadowed by stigma, so patients may refuse to report risk factors to their doctors.

So as people in the UK may not have to worry about anal cancer now, but they can’t be careless, precautions should always be taken, as well as if something happens, you definitely should have a diagnosis.