An Overview Dutch healthcare system

The Dutch health care system is split into 3 compartments:

Long-term look after chronic conditions.

Basic and essential treatment, from GP visits to short hospital stays and specialist appointments or procedures.

Supplementary care (e.g. tending, physiatrics, cosmetic procedures).

Long-term care, including disability costs like wheelchairs, is covered by mandatory state insurance.

All regular (short-term) medical treatment is got by obligatory non-public insurance. Supplementary care is also coated below insurance, counting on the policy, or be paid out of pocket.

Dutch health insurance

The first step in health care within the European nation is to buy Dutch insurance. it’s obligatory for everybody to buy a minimum of a base level of insurance and you want to do  inside four months of arrival, notwithstanding you have already got associate degree existing policy that covers you within the European nation.

Doctors & GPs

Doctors & General practitioners (GPs) are the first points of contact for healthcare in the Netherlands, as they provide referrals to all specialists and, if necessary, to a hospital. Registering with a local practice is one of the first things you need to do.

Hospitals in the Netherlands

Hospitals in the Netherlands fall into three categories:

Academic, for specialist care and research.

Teaching, for training healthcare practitioners.

General, for less specialized care.

They all provide a high level of care, but they are moving to greater specialization in different areas.

Medicine & Pharmacies

Prescription medicines are only available from a pharmacy. You will need to register with your local pharmacy to fill prescriptions.

Dentists in the Netherlands

Dentistry is privatized within the Netherlands and not covered by insurance policies. Dentists in the Netherlands usually work in their own single-dentist practice and at present most of them still do so, although the trend is that practices are becoming larger with more than one dentist per practice.