An investigation called by the former US Ambassador Yovanovitch after the release of disturbing texts

There was an investigated called for on Tuesday by Marie Yovanovitch, the former US Ambassador, to Ukraine to investigate the vexing notion of her being under an observation by associates of Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of the President.

Marie was, once again, the topic of the disturbing and popular scandal when Lev Parnas, the indicted associate of Giuliani, released some texts for investigation to the House investigators. The scandal had already been a cause of President Donald Trump’s impeachment. And she is receiving all the support from the diplomatic community once again who are outraged with the way she has been treated.

The released texts revealed that Robert Hyde, the congressional candidate for Connecticut Republican, had constantly held Marie under observation during her stay in Kyiv and Parnas received all the reports by Robert. The texts also showed Robert rebuking Marie. When Hyde was asked about the authenticity of his observing Yovanovitch, he declined to answer.

The attorney of Yovanovitch, Lawrence S. Robbins, in a statement, said that it is disturbing to come in terms with the fact that Marie’s movements were under observation by the American citizens for purposes unknown to the public. He further said that he is sure that proper investigations will be held by the concerned authorities to determine everything that has happened.

Horror and shock were the reaction of three ambassadors over the fact that Yovanovitch was being watched by an American. These retired ambassadors know Yovanovitch and thus is hard for them to believe this.

Jim Melville, the retired ambassador called the situation “horrifying” in an on-call interview with CNN and expressed how shock he is. He said it is hard for him to believe that some people or elements connected to the US government were aiming to evade everything that was created to secure their mission.