Amryt Pharma: US deal set to transform the orphan drug company

Amryt Pharma company sells and develops orphan medicine accustomed to treat rare diseases with 2 products on the market. It’s recently completed a transformational acquisition of an America company.

On September 25th, it formally completed the acquisition of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc.and, backed by shareholders, has raised US$60mln in funds.

The complicated dealing, which provides Amryt full management of the Lojuxta Cholesterol treatment, creates a global business that will have generated revenues of US$136.5mln last year.

According to the healthcare research house Stifel, sales are within the order of US$150mln this year driven by Lojuxta and secretion replacement Myalept, rising to US$173mln next year.

As well as having 2 existing products on the markets, it’s 2 potential new treatments within the late stage of development.

Amryt is within the method of breaking the mould within the UK drug development space by making a property, profitable business with huge clinical test drug candidates hit the market.

Its story is comparable thereto of the Shire, which grew to be one in all the nation’s fifty largest businesses, developing a portfolio of niche medications.

“We needed to mention you’ll be able to invest in a very solid business which will generate money flow; that’s property into the long run and can grow with the top of potential new medicine and also the different development pipeline opportunities we’ve got.”

Stifel’s Herrmann reckons Amryt and Aegerion are stronger along.

He found out that revenue-generative orphan drug firms trade at 8.8-times historic earnings. thereon basis, Amryt would be price US$1.2bn, or 89p a share.