Amgen join hands with the Takeda for joining the Quantum Leap project

CQDM is pleased to announce that following their recent enrollment in the consortium, Amgen and Takeda will be joining the syndicate of pharma companies to fund the Quantum Leap project recently launched by Feldan Therapeutics (Feldan). Amgen and Takeda will be contributing to this research project marking their first involvement in a CQDM-funded project since joining the consortium in 2018.


The funds totaling $1.2 M from the Quantum Leap project, will be used to optimize the Feldan Shuttle, Feldan’s novel intracellular delivery technology. The work will be done in collaboration with Dr Frédéric Calon from CHU du Québec – Université Laval, an expert in in vivo analysis of drug availability, toxicity and pharmacokinetics. This technology overcomes many of the barriers that in the past have precluded intracellular delivery of antibodies and peptides, thereby considering new avenues to target diseases with new treatment methods.


CQDM’s support for this project is made possible by the contribution of Feldan, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) of the Government of Quebec, as well as funding of its industrial members: Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Janssen, and now Amgen and Takeda. This brings to five the number of leading pharmaceutical organizations funding this project, demonstrating the interest and potential value of Feldan’s technology. The pharma’s involvement also brings expertise through the mentorship program. In fact, this program allows the pharma organizations to nominate a senior scientist from their global organization to mentor the research team and ensure that the developed technology will address market and medical needs.


“We are delighted to support this project”, stated Philip Tagari, Amgen’s Vice President of Therapeutic Discovery. “Amgen’s biotechnology products originating from our Canadian laboratories could benefit significantly from Feldan’s novel drug delivery technologies, which is an example of the important innovation coming from Quebec’s Life Sciences sector”. “CQDM is a unique and very effective Government-Industry partnership consortium,” added Francesco Di Marco, Vice President and General Manager of Amgen Canada. “We are looking forward to continuing our interactions with CQDM in order to develop and access research and innovation for the benefit of patients everywhere”.