Alzheimer’s Connected To Amyloid Presence

Alzheimer is a very dangerous disease that affects the brains of human. This disease is most commonly found in older people due to weakening of brain muscles and destruction of neurons. The disease has no treatments or methods to prevent it and may result in death. This is why it is important for different team of researchers to find ways to treat the disease. This disease is well spread worldwide with over 50 million people suffering from it.

A recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the Florida Atlantic University’s Brain Institute focused on studying the disease that was discovered over 100 years ago by a German psychiatrist and neuropathology called Alois Alzheimer. The study show results that connects amyloid with the disease.

Amyloid is a certain form of protein that is found in the kidney or liver after the body is struck with different diseases. This was the first time the protein was observed in the brain and is suspected to be due to Alzheimer’s. The study was published in the Neurobiology of Disease journal by lead author Qi Zhang who is a PhD holder and an investigator at the FAU Brain Institute, and an assistant research professor in FAU’s Schmidt College of Medicine

He commented on his results saying, “Our study is intriguing because we noticed a peculiar association between amyloid precursor protein and cholesterol that resides in the cell membrane of synapses, which are points of contact among neurons and the biological basis for learning and memory.”