Allergies Symptoms Can Be Decreased Using Newly Found Microbe

Allergies are something common in people, where different people might have a certain reaction towards certain substances. Some allergies are not yet identified; why it occurs to humans. Different researchers are taking place trying to find solutions for allergies to prevent them and control them more efficiently.

A recent study has just shown a new microbe that can be used to reduce allergies. The study was conducted by a team of researchers from the Iowa State University which focuses on side effects and reactions the body goes through when in an allergy attack.

The study was led by an associate professor of animal science, Stephan Schmitz-Esser who published his results in the Scientific Reports journal. Dr. Stephan commented on the results obtained saying, “We still know surprisingly little about these microbial communities that grow on the cheese rind,” he said. “We know that they work, but we don’t know a lot beyond that. Ultimately, this could allow us to intentionally use such strains that have the ability break down histamine. These bacteria would support the ripening process and, at the same time, reduce histamine production”

The observation was seen through the use of cheese, were a certain microbe releases a substance called histamine which causes reactions to humans who intake it, similar to allergies. Working on finding solutions to these reactions, the study was able to find a bacteria that can lower histamine production, hence lower risk of allergies.