Air Liquide strengthened its home healthcare offer that provides support for diabetic patients in both Germany and Benelux

Air Liquide is currently pursuing its development in healthcare home in Europe. It is doing so by broadening the range of its services for diabetic patients in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and also Luxembourg.

The Group as of this moment already provides home healthcare for more than 1.6 million chronic diseases patients all around the world.

Air Liquide leverages the experience that it has, in the support of respiratory diseases patients, and combines the expertise in personalized patient follow-up, medical equipment and also the development of digital services.

In the states of Germany and Benelux, Air Liquide is providing home healthcare services to complex chronic diseases patients and is now providing an offer to the diabetic patients as well.

Air Liquide has now planned to support the diabetic patients in more than 10 countries in Europe. These 10 countries also include France where they have already been working on this activity for the past 20 years or so.

Air Liquide has decided to choose the technology provided by Tandem Diabetes Care, which is a company that manufactures medical devices for people who are diabetic.

As part of the offer, Air Liquide plans to provide their patients in both Germany and Benelux with insulin pumps. The insulin pump will come with a combined continuous glucose monitoring system that will makes it possible for the patients to anticipate risks of hypoglycemia, if any. This way they will automatically be able to suspend delivery of insulin.

Air Liquide already works with Tandem Diabetes Care in some other European countries.

The number of diabetic patients is growing at a really fast pace. An estimate of around 60 million people in the whole of Europe, suffer from the disease.