After years of doping scandals, Russia heats up to Controversial TUEs

After so many years of making use of hacked data for criticizing the Western athletes as cheats who are the one behind the bending of rules to take the forbidden substance, Russia is now heating up to a controversial part of the doping scandals.

The President of Russia ‘Vladimir Putin’ stated in 2017 that the rivals of the country were making use of Therapeutic use Exemptions to manipulate the system. These exemptions give allowance to the athletes for getting treatment of medical conditions with a substance which otherwise would be banned.

Putin said that if there actually ill, they might consider getting entry into the Paralympics.

A month ago, Putin gave an outstanding speaking slot to a veteran gymnastics official at a meeting of his Fitness & Sports Council who insisted Russians to get the application for more TUEs.

Irina Viner-Usmanova passed the following statement: “We should utilize this opportunity on basis of legality,” asking help from the government’s Federal Medical-Biological Agency as well as the sports ministry.

After years and years of doping scandals of Russia, she further said that, had learned Russia to make use of the legal avenue in a proper way.

Viner-Usmanova stated: “This experience taught us that we should be more attentive and should abide by the laws when it comes to the taking of medical products.”


Anti-doping agency of Russia which is also known as RUSADA was given the record of 101 TUE application in the previous year and is on its way to going past that number in this year. Years after the widespread doping in the sports of Russia, the agency claims that there has been a rise due to the result of legitimate sports medicine as well as quality education.

In spite of the increase in applications, RUSADA says that the athletes and the team of doctors are struggling to comprehend the system. Last year there was an approval of only 22 applications.

In the high-risk world of the Olympic sports, athletes might have to suffer without the TUE systems as after their injury or having longer-term conditions such as asthma might have to spend longer periods of the sidelines until the effect of medicine leaves