A partnership launched between Chronometriq & Healthcare Connectivity Leader ‘ELLKAY’ for expansion in the United States

A Montreal-based enterprise & developer of the top end-to-end online healthcare productivity solutions, Chronometriq, is launching in the United States with the announcement of an alliance with ELLKAY, LLC. which is a leader in interoperability solutions and healthcare connectivity. ELLKAY is an organization devoted to ongoing innovation, creating cloud-based solutions which address the challenges that health systems and hospitals, healthcare IT vendors, laboratories, payers, & ambulatory practices face. ELLKAY provides able-to-be-exchange-information solutions which facilitate the exchange of data, streamline workflows, connecting the care community, improvement of outcomes, & power data-driven & cost-efficient patient-centric care.

Head of Growth, as well as, Co-founder of Chronometriq, Remi Richard stated that as from 2012, our innovative business model has enabled us to partner with huge firms to expand our North American clientele, positioning Chronometriq amongst the leaders in digital health care management by reaching masses of patients. With today’s announcement, we could not have asked for better partners to kickstart & accelerate the growth of Chronometriq’s in the United States. This deal is highly strategic for Chronometriq since not only does ELLKAY have access to the leading health systems, hospitals and laboratory decision-makers of the nation, they also have created & are maintaining thousands of medical software integrations, which will significantly maximize market penetration all the while considerably reducing time-to-market.

ELLKAY has extensive expertise in the United States’ Health Information Technology space. They have connected over 50 thousand practices, 170 million unique patients & 450 labs through 700 plus electronic health records & practice management systems in the last 17 years.

Shreya Patel, Vice President of ELLKAY’s Product Management and Strategy stated that We are directly aligned in our shared vision of making sure that patients have direct access to the best care & will be supporting Chronometriq in driving this initiative in the United States at a rapid pace.