A ban on fireworks: fireworks to be only held by professionals

According to a study by the research agency Citisens a general ban has been proposed on fireworks and it is gaining support. It states that only professionals should operate fireworks as they cause injuries.

7,000 people were surveyed and 69% now support the ban. This rise is from 58% over the Christmas period. 73% of the proponents are women, in comparison with 64% men.

The proponents increased after 2 people died on New Year’s Day due to a flat fire initiated by fireworks, and 2 others were left critically injured. Moreover, nearly 1,300 people experienced a firework-related injury, which is a rise of 100 than last year.

An online petition was set up in 2014 for the ban of use of consumer fireworks. It slowly received thousands of signatures. In the very beginning of 2020, over 50,000 people signed it, which took the number up to over 250,000.

Notable individuals and organizations, such as political parties, insurance providers, healthcare workers and animal rights activists, have supported this petition.

According to the Association of Pyrotechnics Netherlands (BPN), the citizens of Netherlands bought fireworks for a record-breaking 77 million euros for NYE this year. And according to the Dutch Association of Insurers, 15 million euros worth of damage was caused by fireworks.

The fireworks industry is against this ban on consumer fireworks. The argument proposed by the BPN is that fireworks should classified and that a certain classification of fireworks should be held by professionals only, while others can be handled by consumers.

The BPN desires to improve consumer behavior in handling firework and promote the usage of safety equipment. Marcel Teunissen, a spokesperson for the BPN, said that since the past year, mounts had been supplied with rocket fireworks. He added that the industry was set to improve the safety of their products wherever possible.