$3.2 million approved by the village board to sell 16 acres of land to the pharmaceutical companies.

An agreement with Nexus Pharmaceutical Inc was unanimously approved by the village board on Monday. Its buying 16 acres of land from the Village owners in the Prairie Highlands Corporate park and for $3.2 million to produce a 100,000sq foot manufacturing plant which is expected to be in power next month.

The planned facility is going to be situated within the northwest quadrant of County highway and 128th Avenue, west of Interstate ninety-four, and would be the fourth tenant to occupy the company park, connection the international candy maker Haribo and Advocate Aurora’s eye. In April, the Kenosha IT solutions supplier OFFSITE declared plans to expand to a brand new 250,000-square-foot hyper-scale information center field within the company park.

Nexus medicine has a specialty of developing innovative processes to manufacture special and generic injectable drugs, in keeping with village officers.  The power can support the assembly and provide of injectable medicine for a spread of therapeutic areas together with a physiological condition, oncology, vessel, and neurology. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Ill., Nexus is increasing its business to the village with the planned producing facility.

It was announced last week by Gov.Tony Evers and Nexus to expand the corporate park. Country officials and the village, including the Kenosha Area Business Alliance also took part in this conference.

This project of Nexus is expected to be completed within 10 years.

The plan states that the project would start its operations the next month with the first step construction which is to be completed in 2021.

According to the plans, the primary part of the event will involve the development of the $85 million, three-story producing facility. This ability can last technology, as well as a complicated isolator system for max product protection and sterility, reducing the danger of contamination.

The facility also will embody multiple drying up machines to support the production of the company’s current portfolio and the strong pipeline of generic and special injectable medication. Once producing begins in 2022, Nexus expects to make seventy-seven new jobs, with a mean salary of g $70,000 annually.

“Our goal is to bring a lot of positive things to the community … in the form of life-saving, generic injectable drugs. We know that’s important to not only Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin but to the United States, as well,” said John Cook, vice president of manufacturing operations, who thanked the board and village staff.


“We aim to have a lot of positive things in society… this can be in the form of life-saving, generic injectable drugs. We fully understand that this is not only significant to Pleasant Prairie but the United States too,” said the Vice President of the manufacturing operations.