1% reduce in the number of smokers would result in a reduction by €650m in healthcare costs:

As per researchers, if only just a small amount of smokers say one percentage of the smokers quite their habit of smoking then the healthcare costs are expected to go down by a huge sum of €650m in the Netherlands on an annual basis.

This study was performed by Dutch research who were meaning to look into the effects that are caused by smoking, drinking and even healthy habits like exercise on the healthcare costs.

The research was focused on different neighborhoods that were composed of diverse socio-economic groups and was used to translate the effects of different habits in terms of the costs of healthcare services.

Suppose you have a neighborhood where about 40% of the people’s population smokes and then compare it to the 39% smoking individuals healthcare expense is on the average €40 less as per a report by Jochen Mierau from the Aletta Jacobs School for Public Health.

The same statistics holds for sports where a reduction of €25 for each person in the healthcare would be observed if only 1% of the people start doing more exercise.

A research by Sports clubs found out that if we start promoting sports club and also gym memberships and if we start encouraging a greater amount of people to quit smoking then it will lead to a lower healthcare cost on an average regardless of the income or even the educational level of the citizens.

Promoting exercising outside the clubs is observed to be particularly successful in the poorer areas. Healthcare costs are also found to be lower in affluent neighborhoods where the citizens are drinking less than the amount, which may be because of factors like higher income and also better quality food and better working conditions.